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Key Duplicates

Duplicate Keys

Combination Lock

All keys lost

Key in the Lock


Only have one key? Let us make you a duplicate before you lose the original. Many options are available such as plain ignition keys, flip keys, remote head keys. Prices vary by model and choice. Having a backup key is a smart investment.

Have you already lost your only key? We have you covered, we can make you a new key from scratch and program it to your vehicle no matter where your car is. In this situation your old keys will no longer work, so if someone finds them, they will not be able to steal your car. In the event your vehicle does not have a transponder system, re-keying the doors and ignition is also possible.

Locked your keys in the car? No problem. We can get your doors open safely and in a timely manner with no damage to your vehicle.


Lock Repairs

Electrical Engineer


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We can repair broken keys, door locks, and ignition cylinders.

We specialize in a comprehensive range of automotive services tailored to meet your needs. Our expertise includes module programming for various components such as PCM, TCM, and BCM, ensuring optimal functionality and performance. Additionally, we offer PCM cloning services, airbag/SRS crash data resets, and cluster swaps to address a variety of vehicle needs. Whether you prefer the convenience of drop-off, mail-in options, or on-site service, we strive to accommodate your preferences and provide timely solutions to get you back on the road safely and efficiently.

The NCNS (No Code No Start) provides theft prevention by restricting unauthorized drivers from using the vehicle without your unique code. 

NCNS anti-theft devices works even if the theif has the original vehicle key. 

The NCNS is a security product that provides car owners with peace of mind when leaving their car. 

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