We offer an array of automotive locksmith services


Locked your keys in the car? No problem. We can get your doors open safely and in a timely manner with no damage to your vehicle. 

Duplicate Keys

Only have one key? Let us make you a duplicate before you lose the original. Many options are available such as plain ignition keys, flip keys, remote head keys. Prices vary by model and choice. Having a backup key is a smart investment. 

All keys lost

Mail Services

Have you already lost your only key? We have you covered, we can make you a new key from scratch and program it to your vehicle no matter where your car is. In this situation your old keys will no longer work, so if someone finds them, they will not be able to steal your car. In the event your vehicle does not have a transponder system, re-keying the doors and ignition is also possible. 

No one local to program your European car keys? You can mail us the module and working key (or a door lock) and we will make you a working key and mail it back. BMW, Mercedes-Benz, Volkswagen, Range Rover, etc.. We can program almost any key via mail order. We also offer mail order ignition rebuilds with new keys pre-programmed and mailed back. Contact us to for exact details and pricing!